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More sustainable silicones

For most of us in the building and allied industries, reducing our environmental impact remains a primary concern. We all increasingly recognise that adopting a more ecologically sensitive approach not only enhances our corporate reputations but also – more importantly – helps safeguard resources and the planet for future generations.

Against this backdrop and as a forward thinking manufacturer of building chemicals, Bond It remains committed to developing more sustainable products and to operating in more sustainable ways.

A prime example of this can be found in our ReLoad products.

Developed in line with our focus on being a social and environmentally responsible business, the ReLoad range helps to reduce some of the one hundred million used sealant cartridges that are sent to landfill in the UK every year – the equivalent to a staggering 6,000 tonnes of non-degradable waste.

Reduce. Recycle. ReLoad.

Our ReLoad range revolves around a refillable cartridge system and covers two of our most popular products, WP50 and WP70 – both of which are high quality, low modulus, neutral core silicones.

How the system works is simple. The actual silicone is supplied as refill and in the form of 300ml aluminium foil ‘sausage’.

The end of this sausage is removed with a pair of scissors before it is inserted into the reusable cartridge. A nozzle can then be attached as normal and the silicone dispensed using an ordinary skeleton gun.

Once the refill is used up, the aluminium slug can be simply and cleanly removed and disposed of before another refill is reloaded.

In this way, ReLoad creates significantly less waste compared to conventional systems.

In fact, compared to traditional spent sealant cartridges, a used ReLoad refill is up to 60% lighter and 80% smaller in volume.

A greener choice. A better choice.

Further environmental benefits stem from the fact both the ReLoad cartridge and the nozzle are 100% recyclable. In addition, with the ReLoad system less product packaging is required and so less packaging waste is created.

Combined all of these features deliver not only green benefits but commercial ones too.

This is especially true given site waste disposal costs are now determined by waste type and weight. There are also additional advantages when you when you take into account the legal requirement for Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) on all building projects over £300,000 which aim to increase waste reduction, recovery and recycling.

On top of this, the more space efficient nature of ReLoad refills compared to conventional cartridges makes them easier to transport and store whilst their aluminium packaging gives them twice the shelf life.

Plus, as you’re continually reusing the nozzle, any residual silicone left over in this part of the system gets used rather than wasted as it would with traditional cartridges.

Ultimately, ReLoad is very much a product of the times.

It ticks all the most important boxes for today’s users in terms of cost efficiency and sustainability.

It also reflects Bond It’s unrelenting focus on enhancing our range with building chemicals that set new standards in terms of performance, technical innovation and environmental credentials.